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Improve Your Life by Manifesting Your Desires.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I support anyone that is making steps towards their dreams and aspirations.

For me, real freedom is the control of your own thoughts. This is how we break old habits and invest the time to go deeper into your-self and find some helpful lessons in our future endeavors.

Before doing anything, take a quick pause and ask yourself this question.

What is my true intention?

This is more of a philosophical question. But it takes you on the inner dialogue about the important questions like:

-What should I do with my life?

-How would I really enjoy spending my life? - Alan Watts -How do I want to live if money was no object? -Maybe I want to spend energy on things that really matter to me.

Everyone has an idea for a project, the key is to go from idea to creation.

From form to matter.

Once you have that feeling (because I know if you are reading this you feel it).

Then, how do I materialize and manifest these ideas?

This is key. Once you imagine that life and have priorities and what do you want, the next step is to lay it down and make slow, but firm steps towards that goal that build upon each other.

Stay focus. Avoid distractions.

Know your-self.

Keep building your skills based on your passions.

Instead of thinking about what can I get from others. Think about how can I give to others.


Remember the moments when it was the easiest for you to provide others with happiness.

Be like the magician in Tarot cards. He has on his table all the tools to create his own reality. The creative power comes from above and is directed through desires and into manifestation. In other words, "what you do you become." (Sartre).

So, in anything you do think again, what is my true intention?

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

And hope to see you soon on the next one.

Stay fresh.


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