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Radical Freedom to Choose.

One of the concepts I relate to the most is freedom.

Specifically, how human beings are thrown into existence, come to this world and as we grow and learn, we become aware of ourselves and start making free choices as we go through life. Some people call it free will.

Think about it, everything in our lives is about choices. Not making an

y decision in itself is a choice, there is no escape.

“Everything begins with choice” - Morpheus.

Now, the difficult part is how do we know we made the right choices?

This situation of not knowing might create huge anxiety at a point in our lives and if it escalates we usually called an “existential crisis”

Existential Crisis

-What is the purpose of my life?

-Why are we spending our lives this way?

-Is being an accountant or lawyer my real true calling?

-Did I just waste the last 20 years of my life doing something I hate?

-Should I be with my partner? There is plenty of fish in the sea after all.

-Oh but I can’t divorce now, what about the kids? What is my family going to say?

-I can’t travel the world, I am in huge debt!

The reality is that we are more accessible than we think we are.

Once I realize that the reality we live in is not in fact the totality of what is possible for us and if we release ourselves from the social pressures that we might not even see.

Then we will realize this considerable freedom. And this realization, most of the time does not come with calmness, but rather huge anxiety.

I AM FREE… but wait now what? How do I feel up this void?

Time is short, and we have to analyze our priorities, but how do we make the right decision if we don't have all the information to make it? This is simply part of the human condition.

A key question is: how would you really like to spend your life?

The truth is “... there is no design for a human being

perfect life, our existence precedes our essence, we create ourselves through what we do” - Sartre

We are what we do and with that comes a huge responsibility, for ourselves and for others.

Now go and do something that makes you happy every day.

Happy Travels Stay Fresh!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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