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Sharing our knowledge and experiences with hospitality, digital assets, cacao, chocolate, and fermented products all while traveling the world.  Thank you for visiting! ❤

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Cacao with Daphne

On a Cacao journey with Daphne for 7 years already, sharing our insights and helping cacao farms, hostels, and eco-lodges in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Samoa, and New Zealand! 

Cacao and Chocolate Experiences South America
Daphne and Kevin Cacao Harvest in Central America
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Mano a Mano Hostal
IG: @hostal_manoamano

Mano a Mano Hostel Thyrso Faria y Kevin Young

Founders @constru.thyrso and had the vision to create the dream beach hostel from organic and recycled materials in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua. 

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Crypto & Blockchain

Learn about blockchain and how to become a digital nomad working online and traveling the world. 

𝕏: @Fresh_Cryptos


"Daphne and Kevin have spent more than 6 months in 2019 volunteering at our Utopia Eco Hotel and we were very happy to have them. Kevin was in charge of the restaurant and bar, while Daphne was giving chocolate tours on our cacao farm. 


It was great to have them with us for such a long time, and my partner John and I got to know them very well. When you meet Kevin and Daphne it is immediately obvious they are great together and a very close couple. They spend a lot of time together, from outings to swim in the river to making use of our jungle gym. 


We know Kevin to be a kind and calm person, who is great with people. Daphne has great energy and is inspiring to the ones around her. Together they make a great pair, liked by pretty much everyone, and always happy to get involved in projects and social events. 


Daphne and Kevin are missed here and are welcome back to visit us anytime. We definitely hope to see them again, but in the meantime, we wish them all the best with their New Zealand adventures!"

Utopia, Semuc Champey, December 2019

Hospitality Client's feedback

"It was a pleasure speaking with Kevin. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of hostel and hostel management. He shared with us some valuable tips. To anyone wanting to find out more about hostels/management etc. Kevin is the go-to guy ;)"

Hostel Expert Advice 
Rating is 5 out of 5
UpWork - May 2019

Freelance Client's feedback

"We have worked with Kevin on our Spanish transcription project. We are so proud to write him this excellent feedback. Throughout our time together, Kevin has asked intelligent questions and offered excellent insight into our team's production. His quality of transcription work has been well-executed. Kevin is kind, cooperative, and a smart professional. We definitely recommend his services to others and we wish him the best!"
UpWork September 2020.

Housesitting Client

 Daphne and Kevin were amazing!! If you're after house sitters who will look after your pets like their own, and you want to come home to a house that's the cleanest it's ever been then make sure you get these two. While we were away for 2 weeks we got regular messages including photos of our pets living their best lives. Daphne and Kevin even went over and beyond to help one of our sick chickens bringing her back to good health. Our house was immaculate, lovely, and warm with the fire going on when we arrived home. We also noticed our 2 dogs and 2 cats were so calm and relaxed, a sign they were loved and looked after well, and the dogs happy from being walked every day. We would definitely recommend getting Daphne and Kevin to housesit for you if you're looking,

- Rotorua, August 2022.

Kevin and Daphne Mr Fresh Travels in New Zealand

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